Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Blacktress, Corrupted

I am on a total high today, guys. Last night I did a short stand-up set at a bar in Darlinghurst--one of Sydney's most fashionable gayborhoods. The night was called "Girl, Corrupted," and featured female comics as part of the festivities leading up to Mardi Gras (March 7) that are taking place all over Sydney. Mardi Gras is a gay ol' time, and people have come from all over the world for the events and final party. Girl, Corrupted, was run by a lovely woman I've recently become friends with, and I was asked to do a 5-minute spot after a particularly successful open mic I did.

I was really nervous the days leading up to it, unsure of what to do. I've only done 3 shows here in Sydney, mostly because I spent the first four months freaking out about whether or not the Aussies could handle Sojourner's truths. Of course, once I finally faced the fear, it all went fine, although I felt a bit rusty. This time, instead of being in a dusty pub with an audience of 20, there were over 100 people and they'd paid $25 to see all of us--I had to be a credit to my race.

Last night's show attracted a mostly lesbian crowd, and I was worried the gays wouldn't appreciate my hetero nature. About half the comics were into lady love, and definitely stated their sexual orientation during their set.

I, however, chose to get up on stage and start singing "All my single ladies, all my single ladies...."

And it just went from there. Check it out, and leave feedback:


Annette said...

5 ***** stars! you were very good!

and gorgeous as well!

I would have been tongue tied, stuttering and scared on the stage

Lightness said...

I don't know how I found your blog but I love it! You are hilarious!

JJS III said...

I know how I found your blog and I love it! I agree with Lightness. Come back to New York and do some comedy so I have an excuse to go to Uno's!